I was supposed to use the code below to get the number of cells per cluster. The code works with Seurat version 2, but while using version 3 I got the error no slot of name "ident" for this object of class "Seurat". Does anyone have any idea about how to deal with this?

# Calculate number of cells per cluster from object@ident

cell.num <- table(shox2crepos_mtmg@ident)

# Add cell number per cluster to cluster labels

ClusterLabels = paste("Cluster", names(cell.num), paste0("(n = ", cell.num, ")"))

# Order legend labels in plot in the same order as 'ClusterLabels'

ClusterBreaks = names(cell.num)

# Plot tSNE with new legend labels for clusters

TSNEPlot(object = shox2crepos_mtmg, do.return = T) +
  scale_colour_discrete(breaks = ClusterBreaks,
                        labels = ClusterLabels) +
  labs(x = "t-SNE 1",
       y = "t-SNE 2")

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The "identities" can be accessed with the Idents() function in Seurat v3.

You should change cell.num <- table(shox2crepos_mtmg@ident) to

cell.num <- table(Idents(shox2crepos_mtmg))


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