"Aliases" or "Synonyms" should represent the same gene but with different names. But when I try to find the sequence of one alias and try to match with another alias they are significantly different.

During bioinformatics analysis, I need to convert NAT5 alias ID to its gene symbol ID (NAA20, NAA50). When I tried to match the sequences of NAA20 and NAA50, they are very different but still NAT5 is an alias of both NAA20 and NAA50.

I have to convert one id to another id (ENSEMBL). These gene symbol and alias is so confusing.

I am looking for NAT5 and when I search for NAT5 in ENSEMBL, it shows both NAA20 and NAA50.

From UniProt the canonical sequence of both the proteins:



I am confused which one to chose?


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At Ensembl, we categorise synonyms as anything that a gene might also be known as. This includes older names for them, since those names will be in the literature, including where a gene has been split in two.


Answer from @devon-ryan, converted from comment:

Both, that's why NAT5 is no longer a human gene symbol.

NAT5 does not equal NAA20, it's an out-dated name for it. Names change over time as people realize that there are more genes for something than originally thought.


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