I have a file with Ensembl gene and Transcript IDs :

enter image description here

I want to retain only the first entires from both the column so that the output looks like this:

ENSG00000003137 ENST00000001146
ENSG00000003402 ENST00000309955

and ignore the rest. Have tried awk awk '!a[$1$2]++' and versions of it. Nothing works. Kindly suggest some way to get the desired output.



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Keep it simple:

awk '!a[$1]++' file.txt 

If you have a different command line separator you need to specify with the -F option.


awk -F' ' '!a[$1]++' text.txt 


awk -F'\t' '!a[$1]++' text.txt 

If you don't have the first column in order maybe should be a good idea sort first.

sort text.txt | awk -F' ' '!a[$1]++'

The name of the array in this case is a. There is a better explanation in this post.


That sound like a job for a perl one-liner:

perl -ane 'unless(exists $seen{$F[0]}){print $_; $seen{$F[0]}++}'

The input is read line-wise and printed back to the command line if the ID in the first column has not been seen before.

  • perl -ane ' reads input line-wise and splits fields to array @F
  • unless(exists $seen{$F[0]}){ checks if ID exists in hash %seen and continues if that is not the case
  • print $_; prints the original input to STDOUT
  • $seen{$F[0]}++}' adds the ID to the hash %seen

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