Where may I find a list of mature miRNA names that are orthologues (homologues) between human and mouse? It has to be the mature miRNA, and not just the precursor/hairpin/gene names - i.e. I need the -5p and -3p mature detail of the miRNA.

I guess most of the numbers are the same e.g. hsa-mir-181a-5p is homologous to mmu-mir-181a-5p. But some are not, for e.g. hsa-mir-372-3p is homologous to mmu-mir-292a-3p.

Wondered if there already exists a list of homologues so that I can perform miRNA-DESeq2 between a mouse and human cell line. Thanks!

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    $\begingroup$ I don't know much about miRNA, but there are miRNAs in Ensembl, and you can perform a query with Biomart $\endgroup$ – PlasmaBinturong May 5 at 8:36

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