Can you give me idea about an issue that I encountered? I ran single-cell RNA sequencing data using Suerat in R, and when I tried to draw violin plot, there is an error as below.

VlnPlot(tumors, "Cd79a", "Foxp3", "CD14")

Error: Insufficient values in manual scale. 24 needed but only 1 provided.

Run rlang::last_error() to see where the error occurred.

However, I can draw the violin plot for Cd79a. The problem happened to only several genes. I haven't solved this problem yet. Do you know what should we do?

Thank you.


You must supply genes (or features) as a vector, not individually:

VlnPlot(tumors, c("Cd79a", "Foxp3", "CD14"))

By the way it is probably Cd14, not CD14.

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you. I learned a lot from you. Such a stupid mistake:) $\endgroup$
    – raiora
    May 28 '20 at 0:12

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