I installed gzip package in Conda environment, then to make sure the software was there, I used "ls" command, it was not in the list. Tried to install again, system says all the packages have already installed, Why? How do I check the list of software installed in the environment? Thanks!


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Just type

conda list gzip


conda list | grep gzip

OR if its installed in a given environment

conda activate myenv

or else just activate myenv system depending followed by either of the first two commands.

It is better to use conda-navigate a very nice and under used GUI, and would work in this particular instance. The details are found in an earlier post I made on esentially the same question here together with a pretty picture.

ls will only work if you type ls ~/Anaconda3/bin | grep gzip , but depends on the installation, e.g. you might have installed miniconda.

Having said all that conda is very cool, but whatever you do NEVER use pip or pip3 from this moment onwards EVER, it messes up your conda and you'll need to env your way out of it.


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