I'm looking to run meta analysis. First step is data curation. How exactly data curation for metanalysis is done? I did a few searches which gave me some lead how to start. This is one of the tool which I found. But if I have to directly mine data from Pubmed is that possible? Where I can get papers and extract metadata such how many case control studies etc?

If I have to give an example, lets say I want to run for AML specific studies which are related to adult AML where they have implicated Epigenetic factors in their studies. How to start?

As an example for my question I would cite this paper table 1. How do I curate data like that table? Is it done manually I'm not sure if that is an effective way if I do for 100s of paper. If there any programmatic way of extracting data and curate I would be glad to know.


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