I want to install PRANK on the Windows 10 Linux subsystem (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS), I have followed the installation instructions to no avail.

wget http://wasabiapp.org/download/prank/prank.source.140603.tgz
tar xvzf prank.source.140603.tgz
cd prank-msa/src

[ cp prank ~/bin ]
[ sudo cp prank /usr/bin ]

I followed those instructions but got stuck with cd prank-msa/src I don't know why they want me to enter a directory that doesn't exist. I also followed this video on how to install linux files but it wasn't helpful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Their instructions are outdated and don't match what exists on their server. The problem you're running into is not at the cd step but even before that - at your first step even. Your wget fails because that file does not exist. Go to http://wasabiapp.org/download/ and see for yourself - there is no /prank/ directory in there.

I tried using curl, and it wrote the 404 page as a .tar.gz file, so if you did that, the tar step would error out.


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