I'm bit of a newbie with ONT analyses and am having some trouble with the Master Of Pores installation instructions (https://biocorecrg.github.io/master_of_pores/install.html). I've managed to install nextflow, cloned the repository and have downloaded albacore and guppy. But when I run the pipeline below, i get an error saying nextflow: command not found. Any help would be most appreciated.

curl https://get.nextflow.io | bash
mv nextflow ~/master_of_pores/NanoPreProcess/bin
nextflow run nanopreprocess.nf

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you should not move nextflow within ~/master_of_pores/NanoPreProcess/bin . Just add nextflow in your path.

export PATH=$PATH:where_is_your_nf_executable

Feel free to open an issue on github if you need more help.


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