I am using Blobtools2 and am working my way through the sample dataset that they provide before using my own. The filtering tutorial I am following is --> https://blobtoolkit.genomehubs.org/blobtools2/blobtools2-tutorials/filtering-a-dataset/ I am having trouble implementing the filtering however. I made the dataset and added busco scores, diamond and blast results. I am not quite sure how to set the filter to remove all but the Arthropod sequences. This is my code below

/home/me/work/blobtoolkit/blobtools2/blobtools filter \
     --param length--Min=1000 \
     --param bestsumorder_phylum--Keys=no-hit \
     --param bestsumorder_phylum--Inv=Arthropoda \
     --fasta /home/me/work/BTK_TUTORIAL/FILES/S_venezuelensis.fasta \
     --table S_venezuelensis_filter_tabular_output.txt \
     --suffix filtered \

The error I get back is

TypeError: write() argument must be str, not list

Can someone tell me what I am inputting incorrectly? Is it the --param bestsumorder_phylum--Inv=Arthropoda that is the problem or the --table ?


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