Bioconda packages have associated containers images. E.g. bioconductor-csaw has the image quay.io/biocontainers/bioconductor-csaw.

I would like to customize the image, in particular, I would like to add rstudio.

It is possible to get the Dockerfile associated to the image of a bioconda package?

How do you suggest to proceed to customize the image?


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The Dockerfile is generated by galaxy-utils, so I'm not entirely sure what it looks like. However you should be able to generate such a "mulled" container as documented here. In short, something of the form:

mulled-build build 'bioconductor-csaw=someversion--somebuildnumber' 'someotherpackage=someversion--somebuildnumber' ...

That probably requires setting the CONDA_IMAGE environment variable. Bioconda currently sets that to quay.io/dpryan79/mulled_container:latest.


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