I have an RNAseq gene expression file (Count data) as follows, I need to conduct a Differential gene expression analysis between Patients, for that, I need to have this file as a Matrix of Rows as Genes and columns as counts (samples), how best can I get this as matrix file?

Thanks a lot for your help, Stay safe

My data looks like the following


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Your question stated differently is as follows:

I have data in long format and need to change it to wide format. For that, I want to keep the gene_raw, use patient_id for the column names and gene_code for the row names. How can I do this easily?

Assuming you know how to read that into R as a data.frame that I'll call d:

reformatted = d %>% select(patient_id, gene_code, gene_raw) %>% spread(patient_id, gene_raw) %>% column_to_rownames(gene_code)

Or something along those lines.


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