I want to perform pairwise alignment and get the resulting CIGAR string (Concise Idiosyncratic Gapped Alignment Report). A fuller description being here

The channel can emit insertions, deletions and substitution errors.

For example, if the input was AAGCT

Then the output could be AAAAGGC

Where there were the following errors in the following positions.

1, Insertion of A at first position 2, Insertion of A at second position 3, Insertion of G at the third position 4, Deletion of T at the last position

I want to know how I could obtain the CIGAR string given two sequences. In addition, could I use viterbi algorithm for this?

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Following the basic rules and preferring the AAG contiguous we can write:

  AAGCT     (ref) 
AAAAGGC     (query)

So the CIGAR string is 2I3M1I1D that is:

  • 2I insert 2As at the start:
  • 3M match the 3 bases AAG
  • 1I insert the G
  • 1D delete the final T

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