This page is claimed to contain a gold standard benchmark for viral genome assembly. https://github.com/cbg-ethz/5-virus-mix

The claim is here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5411778/

"This data set was recently presented as a gold standard benchmark (Di Giallonardo et al. 2014)"

But at (Di Giallonardo et al. 2014) I can only find that mention:

"We previously estimated the frequencies of the virus strains in the 5-virus-mix by amplifying the protease gene using single-genome amplification (SGA), the current gold standard for studying diversity of virus populations".

That doesn't seem to mean precisely that the dataset is a gold standard benchmark for genome assembly but, as I understand, that SGA is a gold standard for something else.

My question is: is it? And who decided it is? Is still valid? Is there an official list of results somewhere for this benchmark set?

I tried to contact the owner of the page but still no answer.


Anyone can declare anything to be a "gold-standard", the term is meaningless. All if actually means is, "we think this is the test that everything else should be benchmarked against".


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