I am trying to update the gene symbols provided by the 10x human precompiled reference (2020-A), using the mapping Ensembl ID to gene symbol provided in release 102.

However, I found out that 56 of the Ensembl IDs (which I presumed to be stable) are not present in the latest release. See the attached image.

table of missing ensembl ids

See, for example, gene OCLM (ENSG00000262180) which seems to have a retired identifier:


Is there a way to automatically filter or correct these identifiers, or should it be done manually? What is the most correct approach to take in this case (e.g., ignore them)?


All but one are associated with deprecated identifiers, e.g., ENSG00000262180

The only one with 3 currently mapped identifiers is ENSG00000183791.

Is it correct at this point to filter them out because associated with deprecated identifiers? What about the one with currently mapped identifiers?


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