In Seurat metadata I have assigned cells to some cell types with different resolutions

I have added the cluster identities to the object via Idents:

 Idents(control) <- a$predicted.celltype.l1

enter image description here

I then added another clustering in the same way:

 Idents(control) <- a$predicted.celltype.l2

Dimplot will now show the new identities:

enter image description here

How I can ask Dimplot to plot the clustering I want for example if I want to show predicted.celltype.l1 again (something like changing the default)?


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The thing to tweak is the group.by argument of the Dimplot function.

It looks like you've already tried this in your attempts at solving a different problem.

The main thing you need to be aware of is that each new clustering needs to be saved as a separate metadata variable in order to do this. As I mentioned in one of my previous answers, I like to use the [[X]] notation for this:

control[["predicted.celltype.l1"]] <- a$predicted.celltype.l1
control[["predicted.celltype.l2"]] <- a$predicted.celltype.l2

Then you should be able to use both in the group.by argument:

DimPlot(control, reduction = "umap", group.by = "predicted.celltype.l1")
DimPlot(control, reduction = "umap", group.by = "predicted.celltype.l2")

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