I am running CIRIquant on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS following the instruction which indicated on https://ciriquant-cookbook.readthedocs.io/en/latest/de.html. I got .GTF file that contains detailed information of BSJ and FSJ reads of circRNAs and annotation of circRNA back-spliced regions. In the following, I added a record of Circular RNA detected in .GTF file:

Chrom: chr1 

Type: circRNA
start: 1289228
End:  1289448

Strand Information: -
circ_id: chr1:1289228|1289448   

circ_type   :exon
bsj: 1000

fsj: 515.000

junc_ratio: 0.004
gene_id: ENSG00000162576.12

gene_name: MXRA8

gene_type: protein_coding

I need to know which column of .GTF file indicates the expression count of circular detected?

I appreciate it if you share your comment with me.

Best Regards,


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