I am calculating PRS for a binary trait (T2D) across UKBB individuals. I am using external GWAS from PRS catalog in order to acquire weights for the base file. I have noticed the weights are given in the form of 'Beta'. I have used beta values to calculate PRS in the target sample using PRSice 2 tool. I have noticed the PRS for every individul is closer to zero which is confusing becuase it contradicts PRS values in T2D individuls from other studies which are higher. In the PRSice.best file, the maximum value I found is 0.001 which I am not sure makes any sense or not, or probably I am missing something important during analysis. I still have to incoporate covariates which I will be doing later. Many studies suggest binary traits should have weights in terms of OR. So if simply convert betas in OR (OR=exp(beta)) in my base file and recalculate the PRS from OR. Is it possible to get greater PRS values. or are these PRS are valid and need to be standarized in some way?

Looking forward for the valuable thoughts and suggestions


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