I'm trying to visualize my fastq file using NanoPlot 1.38.1, but it ends up with this error in the log file:

2021-11-21 08:44:20,407 No static plots are saved due to some kaleido problem:
2021-11-21 08:44:20,407 Transform failed with error code 1: Failed to serialize document: Uncaught

Any idea how to fix this error?

  • $\begingroup$ github.com/wdecoster/NanoPlot/issues/281 TLDR: this error is caught when converting the HTML output to PNG failed. You should have the HTML files which you can just open in any browser, and if you want to save from there in a static format. I catch this error because you are not the first to have it, but I have never been able to reproduce it. $\endgroup$ Nov 21 '21 at 21:05

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