I am trying to install Biovia DS visualiser2021 on ubuntu 22.04. I used the procedure from the following website


When I run the installer ./install_DSClient.sh I got the following error

Calling LicensePack Installer 

Verifying archive integrity... All good.

Uncompressing License Pack and extracting files, please wait...

./install_lp.sh: 73: Syntax error: redirection unexpected

Copying 1 files to ./share/license/data/tempdata.dat Please wait... Copying 1 files to /home/user/BIOVIA/DiscoveryStudio2021/Logs/dsclientinstall.log Please wait...

Completed installing  DiscoveryStudio2021 at /home/user/BIOVIA/DiscoveryStudio2021

Check log file [ /home/user/BIOVIA/DiscoveryStudio2021/Logs/dsclientinstall.log ] for more information. Return code: 0

How to solve this error?



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