I have a bam file that contains two @RG lines:

@RG     ID:Foo.Bar_L1.Foo   PU:Bar_L1.Foo SM:Foo        PL:Illumina     LB:Library.fa
@RG     ID:Foo.Bar_L2.Foo   PU:Bar_L2.Foo SM:Foo        PL:Illumina     LB:Library.fa

I wish to replace it with one @RG line:

@RG     ID:Foo SM:Foo        PL:Illumina     LB:Library.fa

What is the best way to do this?

samtools addreplacerg looks useful, but it looks like I can only affect one @RG per call, and I have no desire to write out the whole bam file twice


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Not sure about samtools, but picard AddOrReplaceReadGroups can clear existing read groups and write a new one.


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