I am trying to download the _protein.faa.gz files for genomes given their accession numbers through Python. Ideally, I would like to do this without third party libraries. Essentially what I have is a list of just the GCA or GCF accessions. The issue with the ftp site is that it includes the project name along with the accession, which I do not have ahead of time. It would be perfect if I could run downloads from within Python that matched a pattern something like this:


Is it at all possible to do this? Or is it possible to run something similar via efetch in Biopython?

Thanks in advance!


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Concept code only

from Bio import Entrez

Entrez.email = "m@M__"
handle = Entrez.efetch(db="protein", id="GCF_000145295", "GCF_000145294", "GCF_000145293", retmode="text",rettype="gb") # check the quotes
records = Entrez.parse(handle)
for record in records:
    print (record)

You can write a loop, flatten it and then insert it to the id= tag.

mylist = ['GCF_000145295', 'GCF_000145294', 'GCF_000145293']
flattened = ','.join(mylist)

The above answer is right - here are some more links that describe what you want to do in more detail:

You're going to want to use the BioPython package as it has functions that do exactly what you're looking for.


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