I want to run the experiments "Sample Application to Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project Gene Expression Data of Postmortem Tissues" mentioned in "Enter the Matrix: Factorization Uncovers Knowledge from Omics" by Stein-O'Brien et.al link

The paper metioned

dataset from postmortem samples in the GTEx project [42] (Figure 3). Specifically, we select a subset of GTEx data containing 12 brain tissues in the GTEx data for seven individuals for which we had previously performed only NMF analysis [41] (codes are provided in the supplemental information online).

I check with https://gtexportal.org/home/datasets and assumed that the paper used the GTEx Analysis V6.

But which files do I need to download? I am computer scientist I am unsure which ones contain the brain tissues

Further I found

Brain_Anterior_cingulate_cortex_BA24_Analysis_cis-eQTLs.txt.gz  1.5G
Brain_Caudate_basal_ganglia_Analysis_cis-eQTLs.txt.gz   1.9G
Brain_Cerebellar_Hemisphere_Analysis_cis-eQTLs.txt.gz   1.7G
Brain_Cerebellum_Analysis_cis-eQTLs.txt.gz  1.9G
Brain_Cortex_Analysis_cis-eQTLs.txt.gz  1.9G

But I am unsure which one was used in the paper



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