I am running a Snakemake (V7.14.0) pipeline on the cluster and provided resources in a resource config file like:

    tool1: 4
    tool1: 12

Point to it in my rules like:


And the snakemake cluster command like:

snakemake --configfiles \
    config/config_resources.yml \
    config/config_parameters.yml \
    --latency-wait 60 \
    --use-conda \
    --use-singularity \
    --printshellcmds \
    --jobname MyPipe{name}_{jobid} \
    --jobs 300 \
    --cluster \
    "bsub -W 200 -n {threads} -M {resources.mem_gb}G \
    -R 'rusage[mem={resources.mem_gb}G]' \
    -o run_logs/{name}_%J.out \
    -e run_logs/{name}_%J.err"

What I do not understand when I run the pipeline is that it shows this in the terminal:

threads: 4

resources: mem_mb=19442, disk_mb=19442, tmpdir=/tmp, mem_gb=12

So next to the one I provided (mem_gb), there are: mem_mb, and disk_mb. They are clearly not the same value. In the cluster job it looks as though the MEMLIMIT is indeed the one I give, but the MEM usage is different (higher). Is it because Snakemake does not understand the mem_gb and I specifically need to use that word?

Thanks in advance


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You have defined mem_gb but not mem_mb in your resource configuration file. You can set them to same value by adding something like mem_mb=config['mem_gb']['tool1']. Additional information in their documentation.

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks for the response. So basically, Snakemake does not understand mem_gb. So to do this correctly, I need to actually *1000 the values. Because otherwise I get too low values (e.g. 6 mb instead of 6 gb). $\endgroup$
    – Dandelion
    Commented Nov 23, 2022 at 10:51

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