Is there a way to submit data to ucsc genome browser for result/track display, on the fly, as a local bedgraph file with example contents like below:

browser position chr19:49302001-49304701
browser hide all
browser pack refGene encodeRegions
browser full altGraph
#   300 base wide bar graph, autoScale is on by default == graphing
#   limits will dynamically change to always show full range of data
#   in viewing window, priority = 20 positions this as the second graph
#   Note, zero-relative, half-open coordinate system in use for bedGraph format
track type=bedGraph name="BedGraph Format" description="BedGraph format" visibility=full color=200,100,0 altColor=0,100,200 priority=20
chr19 49302000 49302300 -1.0
chr19 49302300 49302600 -0.75
chr19 49302600 49302900 -0.50
chr19 49302900 49303200 -0.25
chr19 49303200 49303500 0.0
chr19 49303500 49303800 0.25
chr19 49303800 49304100 0.50
chr19 49304100 49304400 0.75
chr19 49304400 49304700 1.00 

Normally, you can input the data in the data box like below:

enter image description here

and submit - and display results after another [GO] button that's pushed manually on the following web page to produce the output below:

enter image description here

I am hoping there is a command line option for this where it takes the data input above as a local file name and generates the output that normally one can generate with a few manual clicks (including pasting of the data text into the window or upload of the data file) on the ucsc web page.

Thanks in advance



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