I can download information from ChEBI if I know the corresponding ChEBI ID:

from libchebipy import ChebiEntity
chebi_entity = ChebiEntity("15903")

And then look at all the synonyms that the compound has:

> [{'_Name__name': 'beta-D-Glucose', '_Name__typ': 'SYNONYM', '_Name__source': 'KEGG COMPOUND', '_Name__adapted': False, '_Name__language': 'en'},
 {'_Name__name': 'beta-D-glucose', '_Name__typ': 'NAME', '_Name__source': 'UniProt', '_Name__adapted': False, '_Name__language': 'en'},
 {'_Name__name': 'beta-D-glucopyranose', '_Name__typ': 'IUPAC NAME', '_Name__source': 'IUPAC', '_Name__adapted': False, '_Name__language': 'en'},
 {'_Name__name': 'BETA-D-GLUCOSE', '_Name__typ': 'SYNONYM', '_Name__source': 'PDBeChem', '_Name__adapted': False, '_Name__language': 'en'},
 {'_Name__name': 'WURCS=2.0/1,1,0/[a2122h-1b_1-5]/1/', '_Name__typ': 'SYNONYM', '_Name__source': 'GlyTouCan', '_Name__adapted': False, '_Name__language': 'en'}]

Is there a way to get the ChEBI ID with one of the synonyms?

beta-D-glucose -> 15903

Is there any other python tool or web-api that can achieve this?


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How very interesting ...

Yes its easy just download the flat file database here:


WARNING: it's a 5.5M file ... don't click the link unless you really want to download a file this size.

You can simply load it straight into a pandas dataframe from read_csv() and then interrogation it via loc. You could place the header NAME as the index. There are other way in, you can shift the dataframe to a dictionary and interrogate that way, or place it straight it SQL via e.g. sqlite3

Here I just loaded it onto Excel and found the entry you were looking for ...

enter image description here ....

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Edited: sorry a pandas iloc() solution wasn't appropriate. $\endgroup$
    – M__
    Commented Jan 14, 2023 at 14:13

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