I used prokka to create a database for some fasta files but I noticed a strange difference between the prokka and fasta files. Normally the seqid for the gff3 output for prokka has seqid's that match the sequence id's of the fasta files. The files I just produced with prokka have a different seqid than my fasta files. My fasta files look like this


However the prokka output gff3 file for the same fasta file uses a seqid like this


What would cause this difference? And do the last digits still correlate to the same seqid's even though the string before it has changed?


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Prokka is an annotation tool. It takes your contigs file with fasta headers >NODE_108...and searchs for ORFs and their putative functions. Prokka produces submission ready output, the new fasta headers you see >JHIOGLGG_28...are locus tags and gene description from the annotation and are not related to contig node data. Please see the github information page for more info.


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