As part of a larger analysis, I need to evaluate pairs of genomic regions (regionsA and regionsB) and perform different calculations for each pair depending on whether:

  1. They're completely separate (no overlap)
  2. regionsB partially overlaps regionsA (start or end of regionsB does not overlap; both are handled separately)
  3. regionsB is fully contained in regionsA

At this time, regionsA and regionsB are represented as Pandas DataFrames. Likewise, I'm doing all possible combinations:

if (region_b.start < region_a.start and
    region_b.end < region_b.start):
elif (region_b.start < region_a.start and
     (region_b.end > region_a.start
     and region_b.end < region_a.end )):

Given that there are many conditions I check for, this makes the code long, a little hard to read, and too verbose. Is there anything I can use (without making the code harder to read) to make these checks simpler, something like PyRanges (or PyRanges itself, although I don't think there's API for it)?

If not, I'll just live with what I have.



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