I made a PCA plot and was trying to plot the eigenvenctors in R so that each data point is actually the sample name. All the samples are in column 1. The following are the R commands I am using:

    fn <- "Plot.txt"
    evecdat <- read.table(fn, col.names=c("Sample", "PC1", "PC2", "PC3", "PC4", "PC5", "PC6", "PC7", "PC8", "PC9", "PC10", "pc11","pc12", "pc13", "pc14", "pc15","pc16", "pc17", "pc18", "pc19", "pc20", "pop", "color"))
    jpeg("Plot1.jpeg", width = 20, height = 20, units = 'in', res = 300)
    identify(evecdat$PC1, evecdat$PC2  = NULL, labels = seq_along(evecdat$Sample), pos = TRUE, n = length(evecdat$Sample), plot = FALSE, atpen = FALSE, offset = 0.5, tolerance = 0.25, …)

    plot(evecdat$PC1, evecdat$PC2, col=as.vector(evecdat$color), xlab="PC1", ylab="PC2", pch="24", cex.lab=2.5, cex=1.5, cex.axis=1)
    legend("topright", ncol=1, legend=c("X", "Y", "Z"), col=c("Blue", "Red", "Green"), pch="24", cex=2, bty = "o")
    while (!is.null(dev.list())) dev.off()

Here, all the row names are under the Sample column name that I defined earlier.

  • $\begingroup$ We don't have the "Plot.txt" data file so we can't test, but what problem do you have with the code? You get the plot without the name of the samples? Have you looked at text? $\endgroup$
    – llrs
    Sep 12 '18 at 7:39

Maybe try

plot(evecdat$PC1, evecdat$PC2, xlab="PC1", ylab="PC2", pch="24", cex.lab=2.5, cex.axis=1, type="n")  
text(evecdat$PC1, evecdat$PC2, evecdat$Sample, col=as.vector(evecdat$color))

This should plot the sample names as text (taken from the evecdat$Sample column), colored as specified in the evecdat$color column. See ?text for details.


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