I am looking for a query to run on the HMP database that will return all subjects who have had BOTH 16s and whole genomes sequence (WGS) workups. I am currently using this query...

file.matrix_type = 16s_community OR file.matrix_type = wgs_community AND (file.format = FASTA OR file.format = FASTQ) 

and sifting through the results by adding them to my shopping cart, browsing the file types until I have added all of the samples from one subject, and then I check to see if I have at least one 16s and one WGS. So far, I have not found one person who has had both 16s and WGS where both files were publicly accessible, and most do not have WGS at all. There must be a way to get subjects with both workups done to make this faster.


After trying a few different queries, I don't believe there is a more specific one than this and I found that by searching and clicking through all of the results given by this query that eventually I found patients that fit the criteria of having both WGS and 16s.

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