This was my earlier question but now I would like to see patient sample mutation which i have tried and im getting an output but it looks really dumb Circos output

So here are my data files and conf file files

In my file which im trying to plot is gene having mutation in terms of patient which ranges from 1 to 53 patient at max .

NPM1 is having the highest mutation with 53 patient in the plot what i tried is to set a threshold of between > 10 and < 3 to set the color label ,which labels the number it contains.

  1. How can i add the gene names to the plot ?
  2. Is there a way where i can show the genes with only 1 mutation are linked together ,similarly for 2 linked together so on and so forth .

I tried with the links but couldn;t make it work.

Any suggestion or help would be highly appreciated .



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