I have a list of genes that I'd like to visualize using the DoHeatmap function in Seurat. However, the output of the heatmap does not result in hierarchical clustering and therefore makes it very difficult to interpret. My code is,

 DoHeatmap(object = obj, genes.use = genes), 
          slim.col.label = TRUE, remove.key = T,group.label.rot = F, use.scaled = T)


Is there a way to adjust the DoHeatmap command to rank the cells by the intensity of gene expression? Here's an example output:

enter image description here


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You need to order the marker matrix (e.g. by avg_logFC) before calling DoHeatMap.

all.markers <- FindAllMarkers(object = obj)
top20 <- all.markers %>% group_by(cluster) %>% top_n(20, avg_logFC)
DoHeatmap(object = obj, genes.use = top20$gene, slim.col.label = TRUE, remove.key = TRUE)

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