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Power all inclusive package used in data science for managing Python and its dependencies

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Kallisto error: index input file could not be opened!

I am utilizing Kallisto in Anaconda/miniconda for RNA sequencing. I have successfully made ...
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Bioconductor Conda release delay

How long does it take for the latest Bioconductor to end up on Conda? I think I saw a blog post about the challenges with this process, but I cannot find it. For example, Bioconductor 3.13 was ...
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cmapPy exception

I'm trying to read gctx files with cmapPy. This is my code: ...
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UCSC packages/tools ucsc-netchainsubset and ucsc-fatotwobit not working on GNU/Linux

I have installed some ucsc tools on my Mac computer and it worked fine: Installation ...
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Why can I not install snakemake on my SLURM computer even though I can find it in the bioconda channel?

I searched for the package 'snakemake' on my SLURM cluster using: conda search --channel bioconda snakemake and I get many versions, up to 5.4.2. I then try to ...
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