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Handling of sex chromosomes in male when computing CNV copy ratio

Reading from CNVkit documentation, Mathworks documentation, Bionano documentation, for CNV calling, it seems that the common practice for array is to compute the linear copy ratio by normalizing ...
8 votes
4 answers

Working with old genome builds

Is working with and relying on old genome builds still valid? For example NCBI36/hg18. Would results from papers based on old builds require LiftOver and re-analysis to be useful? A bit of context, ...
3 votes
1 answer

How do I validate a single sample ArrayCGH result?

We have arrayCGH (aCGH) results for one sample. There is a 0.5 Mb terminal duplication on chromosome 19 (62995490-63407936, according to NCBI36/hg18). The duplication is rare: a literature review ...