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Process of creating the original sequence from the read sequences that it generated during a sequencing experiment. Can refer to genome assembly, in which case the original sequence is a genome, or transcripts assembly, in which case the original sequences are RNA transcripts.

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How to promote assemblies into genomes in NCBI?

Note: I've never submitted an assembly/genome to NCBI, so excuse if my perspective is flawed. I'm working with Drosophila subobscura. (spring fruit fly) I see here
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How does one distinguish nuclear DNA from mitochondrial DNA when doing WGS?

I'm interested in doing de-novo sequencing but also phylogenetic analysis. In particular, after de-novo sequencing and annotating the genome, I need to align the CO1 gene and the nuclear 28S rRNA gene ...
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Platanus-allee phasing fail: Error(13): Error, SolveDBG exception!

I am using Platanus-allee 2.2.2 for heterozygous genome (~500mb) assembly with Illumina short reads and PacBio reads input data. I have the file contigs.fa from short reads but phasing step with ...
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Calculating alignment/mapping time

I am trying to assemble a plant genome using AWS resources using velvet. Plant genome is huge (> 10 times human genome) and coverage is around 30 x. We are planning for de novo assembly with Velvet (...
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Why do XRAY (but not CryoEM) structures of ribosome in PDB have 2 assemblies?

When i started programming against PDB i had a mixture of confusion & frustration with the fact that certain cif files contain two actual structures aka ...
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DNASTAR viral-host integration assembly keeps failing

I have two NGS files from an NGS company corresponding to the sequencing data from a tumor sample as follows: TB_7710391_R1.FASTQ.gz TB_7710391_R2.FASTQ.gz I have downloaded the genome for MCPyV as ...
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RagTag patch error--"Tuple index out of range"

This question was also asked on GitHub I'm trying to correct a long-read assembly with a short-read scaffold; I'm hoping to fill in the short gaps in the scaffold with the matching long-read sections. ...
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DNA genome string reconstruction from k-mer

I have the following quiz question, but the Pattern1 for both (ACC|ATA) and (CGA|ACT) are unique (just grep for ...
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Assembling all transcripts for an individual gene? (using single sequence to seed the assembly)

Let's say I have a candidate gene and I believe that in an individual sample, the genome sequence differs from the reference which then interferes with alignment. Is there a way for me to do a "...
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Repeat analysis on eukaryotic assemblies

I have a hundred insect genomes and I'm looking for repeated regions along these assemblies. First of all, I thought of using <...
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Gffcompare issue: 0 reference transcripts loaded

I am trying to use gffcompare to compare my assembled transcriptome to a reference gtf that contains information about small open reading frames (sORFs). The reference gtf was obtained by processing ...
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How to manually curate a genome assembly for sequence variation or error?

I have a PacBio HiFi assembly of 1.1 Gb from a heterozygous species. I have aligned this assembly against a reference genome which is around 0.9 Gb. I can see that there are quite a few INDELs, ...
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How to filter a genome assembly consistsing of a large number of contigs?

I did some de novo genome assemblies with Illumina PE data using SPAdes, whereas most of them consisting of a large number of contigs(>1000). I have several questions below. Do we need to filter ...
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How to obtain the extended unaligned bases of the read in reference based genome assembly?

I did illumina read mapping based on a particular gene sequence (reference sequence) using the following command, ...
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Will using smaller kmers help get larger contigs? If not, then what?

I've been using MEGAHIT to assemble metagenomes, with particular focus on specific genomic areas. Sometimes all I get is gene fragments or pathway fragments (eg. if I know that genes A, B, C, D and E ...
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