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Questions tagged [bigwig]

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How come bigWigSummary shows coverage greater than 1 for some region of the genome?

I am running this command, using the UCSC utilities: bigWigSummary -type=coverage ./ chr4 25526708 25528708 1 to get phastCons77way ...
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2 votes
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Which data format for stranded coverage data

I need tools I am writing to output data in terms of score for each base in the genome. The format needs to be indexed for fast random access. The obvious choices are bigWig and tabix-index bedgraph ...
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Question: UCSC hub: autoscale option for multiwig track

I am making a hub on UCSC Genome Browser and I am aiming to display multiple bigWig files as a single track (multiwig container). I decided to use the autoscale option because I wanted a dynamic scale:...
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