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BUSCO results apparently inconsistent

I have two assemblies obtained from two different softwares for the same run data. In one of them, I get a BUSCO score of 69,4%. In the other one, I get 68,5%. The first assembly covers a 99,7% ...
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Number of sing-copy genes identified by orthofinder is far less than BUSCO assessment?

Dear Orthofinder users and BUSCO users, Recently, I have assessed 30 genome annotataions using BUSCO with lineage dataset ...
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What is the per-gene score in BUSCO output?

The BUSCO _full_table.tsv output has scores per gene (an example bellow). In the original publication, authors just mention a condition to satisfy a bitscore, but ...
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BUSCO does not find buscos in reference sequence of C. elegans (technical problem)

I am working on a GNU/Linux machine. I have installed BUSCO using conda. I have downloaded the nematode dataset nematoda_odb9.tar.gzhere. I downloaded the reference ...
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How to use busco installed through conda?

I have installed busco on my Mac computer using conda install --channel bioconda busco=3.0.2 into an environment called ...