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Often repetitive sequences linking a pair of sister chromatids.

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RPGC normalisation creates artefacts at centromere

I am studying ChIP-Seq data in HeLa cells and I've started using the RPGC normalisation of deepTool's bamCoverage. MACS2 also uses this normalisation for its peak calling. I am seeing a large number ...
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How are centromeric/telomeric regions categorized in RepeatMasker? "Other" category?

I haven't been able to find the following in the documentation at (1) Why are certain regions classified as "Other"? Are these regions impossible to concretely classify ...
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GRCh38 centromeres mappability

Is the mappability of the centromeres in the GRCh38 genome reference similar to each other? As far as I can remember when GRCh38 came out, the sequence of the centromeres was determined by a ...
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