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Galaxy vs Cancer Genomics Cloud

I want to use cloud computing services to analyze my oncological RNA-seq data. I came across Galaxy and Cancer Genomics Cloud as two cloud computing platforms which are used by the research community. ...
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How to determine NCBI's SRS google cloud bucket or AWS bucket

It appears that AWS and GCP host SRA data and it's beneficial to grab the data from that source when running on GCP for example. Given an SRR accession like SRR1929796
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2 answers

Uploading files from local computer or web in rstudio cloud

I am using RStudio Cloud for running velocyto R package. So I have tried to import velocyto file from I tried to upload that like so But ...
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4 answers

Hosting IGV web on a server

I have my analysis on a cloud server. The data is quite large, so copying it locally is not really an option. I want to be able to host IGV as a server on that server, so that it can access those ...
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