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Questions tagged [crispr]

For questions about the CRISPER-Cas9 genome editing technology

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Read alignment using Bowtie2

So this is related to CRISPR-CAS9. I am working with off-target predictions for my thesis and was looking at all scientific papers related to CRISPR. I found one and decided to use their datasets. The ...
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How to analyze and visualize CRISPR-CAS9 screening results?

I have a whole-gene CRISPR screening of an assay at different time points. I created a table of the gene number and the count of its reads: ...
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Which components must be included in the HDR plasmid?

I am trying to design a plasmid for our knock in experiment and wanted to clarify some technical issues. I wanted to know exactly which components must be included in the plasmid. I know that I have ...
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CRISPR Screen Control - What genes do not affect phenotype when knocked out?

I have some raw read count data from a crispr screen. The library used was addgene's Mouse Improved Genome-wide Knockout CRISPR Library v2 I'm following an analysis pipeline that requires counts ...
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