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0 answers

Comparing sc-seq combination and bulk-sequencing

I have expression matrices for different cell types, representing the expression of individual cells of that type. They were learned through a generative model, so I am confident they represent the ...
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how to install cibersort in R, to do deconvolution using my RNA-seq Data with public single cell data

I have RNA-seq Data from lung cancer immunotherapy patients but i don't have any single cell data from my sample, so i wanted to do a deconvolution with a public single cell data. I thought of doing ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What statistical test to apply for DE after CibersortX deconvolution?

This question was also asked on Biostars I am running CibersortX in high-resolution mode (which yields estimates of gene values per sample). After that, I want to perform DE between two conditions on ...
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