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Questions tagged [demultiplexing]

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Fastest way to demultiplex bam file based on field

I have a bam file with aligned reads from multiple experiments. For each experiment I have a portion of the sequence identifier, thus for example ...
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STACKS: process_radtags only reads 1 input file and returns >90% barcode not found drops

I am trying to demultiplex some paired-end ddradseq data and am running into an issue with STACKS in that the program only seems to read 1 of my files for input (there are 2) and also results in over ...
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snRNA-seq Demultiplexing before or after QC

I'm currently analyzing snRNA-seq data and have to demultiplex them using HTODemux in Seurat. The question is : should I do my QC filters on my droplets before or after the demultiplexing ? From what ...
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pacbio demultiplexing issue

I was wondering if there is a way to provide pacbio lima demultiplexing only a barcode, and let lima demux sample even if only one end has the barcode, not both?
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Why is bcl2fastq2 taking so long to calculate stats?

Our lab has been using bcl2fastq v2.20.0.422 to demultiplex RNA-seq data sequenced on an Illumina Novaseq machine on a beefy EC2 instance and we've run into the strange problem: namely that while ...
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