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xtract from eutilities not exctracting the information I need

I'm running the following command which uses the NCBI e-utilities: esearch -db bioproject -query "PRJNA198476 [PRJA]" | esummary This returns: ...
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1 answer

Error while using E-utilities on slurm HPC

I keep getting the error while using E-utilities on Slurm HPC, could you suggest how I can resolve it? SCRIPT: ...
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1 answer

Extracting all information about a sample when using xtract from e-utilities

I would like to extract all information about each SAMPLE after running the following query (run the query and add a ...
2 votes
1 answer

Why doesn't an (Entrez eutils) einfo request for "gene" return the link gene_nucleotide or gene_nucleotide_pos links?

I'm updating a galaxy tool wrapper for Entrez's eutils suite and I'm trying to create a form with valid link selections (among other things) based on the "from" & "to" ...