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Different human reference genomes from NCBI and ENSEMBL, and variant annotation with Variant Effect Predictor (VEP)

Background: I have been working on a human variant calling pipeline, from whole exome reads to variant annotation. For variant annotation I used the Variant Effect predictor (VEP), which is Ensembl ...
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How to make a POST "vep/:species/region" request that is able to accomodate multiple alternate alleles for a single variant?

There is an R code example on Ensembl's website on how to execute a POST "vep/:species/region" request for variants that only have one alternate allele. The part that holds the variant data ...
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10x Single-cell RNA-Seq - Updating gene symbol with latest ensembl release - Ensembl IDs missing

I am trying to update the gene symbols provided by the 10x human precompiled reference (2020-A), using the mapping Ensembl ID to gene symbol provided in release 102. However, I found out that 56 of ...
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How to deal with the mismatches between gene names obtained from different sources?

For most of the time, I rely on gene ids to combine different datasets. However, in some instances, I have to combine datasets based on gene names. Then, if I don't know the source of gene names in ...
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How are the scores of GeneSplicer, MaxEntScan and SpliceRegion interpreted from VEP annotations?

I am using VEP from Ensembl to annotate my VCF files with the extra plugins of GeneSplicer, MaxEntScan and SpliceRegion. However, I don't fully understand the output of these scores. I know that they ...
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Cannot connect to BioMart webservice in R script, how to troubleshoot connection?

I'm attempting to query from BioMart in R using the biomaRt package with a script I've used many times before. I connect to the service with this line of code: ...
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How to combine multiple .fasta files of primary assembly from Ensembl into one for sequence alignment?

I have some marmoset snRNA reads that I want to align with the reference transcriptome using cellranger. The primary assembly for marmoset is available here, which is broken down into 22 parts. ...
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Identifying Variant Conservation Across Species

I've got gene sequences of mouse genes. Each sequence contains variants from the reference genome. I need to find out whether these SNPs/variations are in functionally significant regions (i.e. exons)....
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Best resource to link a gene/protein to a druggability score?

Could I ask, is anyone familiar with the Drugebility score provided by Chembl? I wanted to add a druggability score to a set of human targets, to understand the likelihood that they are druggable. I ...
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Getting all promoters of a specific gene

I'd like to perform a motif analysis of all promoter regions of the gene ENSMUSG00000020538 in mus musculus. To do so, I wanted to use Biomart : ...
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Finding a gene of similar length

I would like to find a few genes that are similar in length to a gene of interest, and by that I mean the total length of a canonical transcript including introns. This is proving to be surprisingly ...
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