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Different ClinVar classifications/SNPs are linked to the same rsid

I am using R to extract ClinVar classification of SNPs using rsid. Here's an example of my workflow: Patient data: Sample Func Gene Codon_Change dbSNPv151_GRCh38 Chr Start End Ref Obs Mary ...
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Get SRR numbers from a GSE number

I'm trying to programmatically download files from SRA (with prefetch in sra-tools) starting from a GSE number, using Python. There is an explanation for using entrez-direct on the CLI, using esearch ...
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Download COX1 (COI) gene via biopython using accessions for entire mitochondrial genomes

I have a list of accessions for the the entire mitochondrial genomes for big cats. I need to download the COX1 genes for each of these accessions. Here is one accession and here is a link to its COX1 ...
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