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Is there an equivalent of Entrez queries for local BLAST?

I have been having some trouble with running command line BLASTn remotely. Therefore, upon recommendations, and considering I have >100 searches planned, I am considering just downloading the nt ...
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Download COX1 (COI) gene via biopython using accessions for entire mitochondrial genomes

I have a list of accessions for the the entire mitochondrial genomes for big cats. I need to download the COX1 genes for each of these accessions. Here is one accession and here is a link to its COX1 ...
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Finding annotated counterpart after BLASTn with efetch (Biopython)

I am creating a pipeline for the identification of unknown transcripts. After a local BLASTn search of the transcripts, I have a large list of the respective hits with different genomes. I have the ...
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Converting Gene Symbol to Entrez ID in R

I analyzed a GEO dataset and found 99 DEG.Now I want to analyze functional enrichment analysis and for that reason I have to convert my gene symbol to entrez id.But I cannot do that,I tried but my ...
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