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Questions tagged [epidemiology]

A composition of two Greek words 1) demos approximating to 'people' or more specifically 'population' and 2) epi as in epidemic

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2 answers

Economist article on coronavirus

I am wondering about an article in the Economist here: There is a graph there The explanation ...
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1 answer

Prediction model for spread of coronavirus

A previous thread on Bioinformatics StackExchange citing an article by the Economist which references a cartoon of predictive outcomes by the CDC (Economist article on coronavirus) suggests a model in ...
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3 answers

Calculating the mortality rate of a pandemic, e.g. coronavirus 2019-nCov?

When calculating how lethal a virus outbreak is, I've noticed that most sources use CONFIRMED_DEATHS/CONFIRMED_INFECTIONS However, given that there are only 2 ...
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Statistical approach to link DNA methylation with toxic element exposure and health outcome

I would be thankful to you if you can help with the statistical approach for case-control study to link DNA methylation (epic array) with toxic element exposure (arsenic) and health outcome (...
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Linking UK biobank patient IDs with their corresponding genetic data

I am analyzing ukbb data and I have patient IDs for both cases and controls. Now I want the genetic data of all patients based on their IDs. I am trying to test with chromosome 5 as I have both bgen ...
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