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Questions tagged [fastq]

FASTQ is a file format use to store short reads and their quality values

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Bowtie2 gets stuck on alignment

I am aligning a fastq file as follows: ...
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How to determine NCBI's SRS google cloud bucket or AWS bucket

It appears that AWS and GCP host SRA data and it's beneficial to grab the data from that source when running on GCP for example. Given an SRR accession like SRR1929796
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Is there some tool so find run accessions metadata?

I have a project in which I'll use some FASTQs to feed a neural network and, as label, I'll use the estimated age range. I've got the data from AMTDB, and there they have the metadata.txt, in which we ...
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DNASTAR viral-host integration assembly keeps failing

I have two NGS files from an NGS company corresponding to the sequencing data from a tumor sample as follows: TB_7710391_R1.FASTQ.gz TB_7710391_R2.FASTQ.gz I have downloaded the genome for MCPyV as ...
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How can I detect MCPyV in a FASTQ file?

I have received two NGS files from an NGS company, both are FASTQ files that correspond to reads from a tumor sample. I heavily suspect that MCPyV is present, and I am hoping to identify it. What ...
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Remove files after process is terminated

In my pipeline nextflow, I create a channel with channel.fromSRA and the channel contains lots of heavy files.fastq.gz. Then I have a first process to unzip files and transform them in files.fasta and ...
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Removing adapters + primers from fastq files

I am currently in the process of removing adapters and primers from some 16S data acquired, and have a conceptual question regarding this pre-processing step: So there are a series of different primer ...
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I can't launch FastqCleaner I always get a warning message and the application never starts

I tried to install all the needed and related packages but I still did not know what the problem is, Can anyone please help if anything else I can do?? I always get this over and over: ...
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Aside from the header info, is there any way to distinguish between sequences generated by MiSeq and MiniSeq platforms?

I am comparing Illumina MiSeq (using MiSeq v3 kit) and MiniSeq (MiniSeq High Output kit) instruments for sequencing E.coli and Salmonella. I am curious if there is any way to bioinformatically ...
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How likely is it to find primers sequences in already-trimmed reads?

So, I am analysing 18S amplicon data (fastq files) to be able to eventually investigate the taxa composition. After removing primers (using cutadapt) from both R1 ...
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nanopore QC measures on fastq file

I am working with virus nanopore sequencing data. I have to remove host genome from the reads. I want to run the QC on the fastq file after host genome subtraction. I have used nanoplot. It is slow. I ...
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Unable to gunzip fastq files from ENA

I am trying to process fastq files in order to build gene co-expression networks (by following this tutorial). When I download any fastq file from ENA, and try to process it with the command: ...
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