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Featurecount output .txt file from bam file

After running this command: featureCounts -p -s 2 -a $genome -o $dir"/"$specie"/count_table/"$value".txt" $output_loc -T 8 on the BAM output of ...
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problem with feature counts of RNA bulk seq paired data- in Rsubread

I did manage to bild index file (from NCBI transcriptome) and perform alingment in Rsubread in R with my fq files. I did get BAM files as a result and no error. However i am having trouble with next ...
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Discrepancy with featurecounts analysis using a forward stranded and reverse stranded protocol

My RNAseq analysis pipeline is as follows: fastqc (read quality is good, some overrepresentation of adaptor sequence) → trimmomatic (trimmed adaptor sequence, qc report after trimming suggests the ...
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Error generating count data using featurecounts in R

I am doing some RNA analysis and am having issues trying to generate count data. I mapped my reads to a reference genome fasta file (genbank fasta file from ncbi) using bbmap and .sam files as the ...
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How to copy only certain counts for genes in tsv file to new file in linux

Hi there I have generated a counts table of samples I need to compare by differential expression analysis. The layout of the counts table is as follows: Gene_id Sample_A_r1 Sample_A_r2 Sample_B_r1 ...
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Help to understand the code for dipeptide composition calculation (in python)

Dipeptide composition of a protein sequence is the number of times a particular dipeptide (e.g. Arginine-Histidine) occurs in a sequence divided by the total number of dipeptides in the sequence (...
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Connection between Detected Genes and The Read Counts

I have been trying to understand the Seurat for analysing scRNA-seq data. It comes to my mind that the main data is organised in the Seurat object with rows as genes and columns as the cells, and the ...
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Normalize RNA seq data from multiple runs for expression analysis

I have RNA samples sequenced with TruSeq Stranded Total RNA kit protocol in Illumina HiSeq (2x125bp) and NovaSeq platforms (2x150bp) - almost 100 samples altogether. I have to use the samples data for ...
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RNASeq analysis using featureCount and EdgeR

I am using a pipeline (bam -> featurecount-> EdgeR) to do some RNASeq analysis of several groups and sub-groups. For example, I have the following dataset with two types (T1 and T2) and T1 has ...
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What is "unmapped read segments" in the output of samtools idxstats?

samtools idxstats produces a four column output (see here) ...
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Reads count in metagenomics

Background: I am developing a pipeline for metagenomic studies of human gut microbiote. In particular, I am mapping the reads data originating from shotgun whole genome sequencing onto a gene ...
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Error using htseq-count: Could not retrieve index file

I have a total RNAseq dataset that I aligned using STAR producing BAM files (sorted by coordinates). I am now trying to get counts for the lncRNA sequences using htseq-count, with the command: ...
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How do I tell featureCounts to ignore fragments that overlap with more than one feature?

I am using featureCounts from the subread package to count the number of fragments per gene in an RNA-seq experiment. I feed it a BAM file with paired-end reads aligned to a reference genome. In the ...
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featureCounts segmentation fault on Arch Linux

I am encountering a segmentation fault when attempting to run featureCounts from subread-1.6.3 on even small test data. I installed featureCounts from SourceForge ...
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