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Questions tagged [figure-reproduction]

Use this tag if your question is about reproducing some figure or plot. Your figure should be using the same data or equivalent tools as the original plot.

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Method for reproducing minimal, cartoon-style protein structure visualisation

I recently came across a preprint ( DOI, PDF link ) that has some figures of protein structures in a style that I have not seen before. To me it appears easier on the eyes and less noisy than the ...
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GO Term heatmap plot in terms of P value or fold enrichment

I'm clustering genes in terms of expression after clustering them. I'm taking out clusters and trying to find out what kind of GO terms are coming up. I came across this figure from this paper, I want ...
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Reproducing population structure from 1000 Genomes Data

I recently tried to reproduce population structure with 1000 Genomes Project data (Phase 3, 2504 people). According to supplementary material, To reduce the dataset, we used VCFtools to only keep ...
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Reproducing GTEx transcriptome analysis

I am willing to reproduce part of the analysis from "The human transcriptome across tissues and individuals" (Melé et all, 2015). I downloaded GTEx v6 FPKM data in txt format from GTEx portal. I want ...
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